How Ayeneeda works if you need something done

Search for a provider

What do you need done? Where and when? The Ayeneeda app tells you which providers are available for the job.

Choose a provider

Send a request to the provider or providers that you would like to do the job based qualifications, reviews and recommendations

Job done

A provider accepts your request and carries out the job. You pay securely and rate the job through the app.

What is Ayeneeda?

Ayeneeda is an app-based marketplace for domestic chores. It's a place where clients can find help with everything from babysitting to setting up the wifi at home, from dog walking to fixing a leaking tap. The providers signed up on Ayeneeda stand ready to help you with almost anything.

Ayeneeda is based on peer review. Clients will be able to choose the providers they want to hire based on how other clients have rated them and if they recommend them. Providers will also be able to show clients their qualifications by uploading certificates, etc.

Clients can feel secure as payments are made via the app. In the same way, providers will be able to trust clients that have been rated or recommended by other providers.

How Ayeneeda works if you want to offer services

Offer your services

Offer your services on the app, set your price and show clients why they should choose you to do their chores.

Accept requests from good clients

Feel secure to accept requests from clients rated or recommended by other providers.

Job done, get paid!

Finish the chore - the payment is guaranteed by the client's credit card. Make sure you get a good rating too!

Why use Ayeneeda

  • Twenty-five hours a day

    Let a provider take care of your day to day chores and free up your time for the things you want to do.

  • Safety First

    Trust what other users say and feel secure using Ayeneeda. Our system puts safety first.

  • Only the Best Quality

    Through the reviews and recommendations, you will be able to choose someone you trust will do the job to your satisfaction.

  • Help your loved ones

    Get help for your family and friends on Ayeneeda. Gift them a helping hand with their daily chores.

  • Get to know fast

    Clients will know fast which provider is ready to help them, and providers will know equally fast if they have won the job.

  • Make extra cash

    Use your skills to make extra cash, build your client base and get recommendations for future employment.