How Ayeneeda works

Ayeneeda is the domestic chores marketplace. It is a place where busy professionals can get help to ease the stress of their day-to-day life. At the same time, it is a place where providers can earn extra cash and gather experiences that will help to enrich their future working life.

On Ayeneeda clients can search for a certain service at a defined place and time. The app will display available providers based on distance. The clients can send requests to the providers the client trust will do a good job. The client can send as many request as he or she wants as long as they are sent based on the same search. The first provider to accept gets the job and the other requests are cancelled.

The provider who has accepted the job will come to the address at the agreed time and do the job. The client will pay with credit card – no need to have cash for the babysitter when you come home. The payment will be based on the actual time worked. After the job is finished, the client and provider can review each other.