Sign up bonus for providers

If you belong to a group of providers that are especially in demand, you may qualify for our sign up bonus. You can see which are these groups when you fill in your provider details when signing ups. The bonus will give you one extra hours pay for each of your first five jobs. To count the jobs must be at least 2 hours and for different clients. And you must get a five-star review.

Are you unsure if you belong to one of these groups. Sign up for it anyway. We will not be mean about this. If you think you belong to the group and become a good provider, that's enough for us.

Do you think there should be more groups? For each bonus group, we have special guerillas. As a Ayeneeda guerilla, you would be our special agent to market Ayeneeda to the bonus group you have suggested. For each group, we would normally have 3 – 5 guerillas. Hook up with your friends and send us an email.